Void develops projects in the field of digital arts and produces immersive media installations by using new technologies. The greatest source of inspiration for Void is technology, science, and philosophy. In order to perceive today and predict the future, we believe we need these disciplines to have a  better understanding of ourselves.
The era of accelerated technological progress transforms us into a fast-consuming community. With the further advancement of technology, we are rapidly consuming to expose billions of streams of information. We’re missing out on a lot of knowledge that we don’t realize, and we are losing our awareness. As a result, we are creating new gaps. The main reason for production is related to filling in the blanks. Every project developed, is about seeing and analyzing the space and presenting a story perspective. Using our experiences in the opposite way we re-create this awareness.
While innovation is happening faster than the world can adapt, Void aims to create immersive experience environments harmonizing with sound and graphics by blending technology, science, and philosophy to open different perspectives for individuals.
2019 - Array AudioVisual Performance, TerminalV Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018 - WDCH Dreams w Refik Anadol, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA, USA
2018 - Interconnected w Refik Anadol, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, USA
2018 - Bioinspire, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru
2018 - Bioinspire, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile
2018 - Bioinspire, Different Edition, File Festival, São Paulo, Brazil
2018 - Abysmal Immersive A/V performance, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2017 - Bioinspire, FFB, Brno, Czech Republic
2017 - Bioinspire, FFB - Best Sound Deisgn, Brno, Czech Republic
2017 - Wind of Boston: Data Paintings, w Refik Anadol, Boston, USA
2017 - Virtual Depictions: San Francisco / Public Art Project, w Refik Anadol, San Francisco, USA
2017 - Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
2017 - Bioinspire, IMERSA, Denver, USA
2017 - Bioinspire, Mira Festival Fulldome, Barcelona, Spain
2016 - Bioinspire, Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA
2016 - Bioinspire, XI Immersive Experience, Geneva, Switzerland
2016 - Bioinspire, Prix Ars Electronica - Honorary Mention, Linz, Austria
2015 - Bioinspire, Vimeo Staff Pick
2015 - The Story of Storytelling, Dgstalks, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 - Bioinspire, IAIA | Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico, USA
2015 - Bioinspire, Fiske Planetarium, Colorado, USA
2014 - The Pain Is Brief, Experimental
2014 - The Dream of Being Human, Experimental
2014 - Scene From Mind, Experimental
2014 - Organic Abstraction, Experimental
2014 - Give Me The Future, Digital Decade, OFF Festival, Moscow,Rusia
2013 - Aegri Somnia, Experimental
2010 - Track/09, İstanbul Bilgi University, Annual Student Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 - Bioinspire, Expanded Animation Anthology, Expanded Animation Symposium
2018 - Design Club Feyz Event, Conference Speech, Eskişehir, Turkey
2017 - “Human Tech Talks” Conference Speech, MIRA Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2017 - Abysmal featured on FUBIZ
2017 - Lines featured on IDN
2016 - Bioinspire featured on WIRED
2016 - Bioinspire featured on VICE
2016 - Bioinspire featured on FUBIZ
2016 - Bioinspire featured on THE CREATORS PROJECT
2016 - Bioinspire featured on METALOCUS
2016 - Bioinspire featured on Lesterbanks
2014 - Scene From Mind featured on DigitalArtServed
2013 - Aegri Somnia featured on DigitalArtServed